Understand the person when you want him to love you

Understand the person more when you want him to love you. If you read this post, you will understand it.

The ways people hear you out

You live life. Now, what is life? It’s the time between birth and death. It’s time when you meet many people. Some of them are your family members. Few are your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Some of them come to your life as visitors. They come to you, talk to you, and leave you. The most important thing is whom you like most.

If you are a leader, you have so many followers. It does not matter whether you are the leader of your family, society, or community. It means every day you talk to many people.

Sometimes you have accounts on social media like Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin so and so forth. So you are not short of followers. Even some of them are very active in those media. They like your post and make comments too. It means every day; these media help you to talk to many of them.

How many people hear you out

Till now, I have given the examples where you speak, and others hear you. Their eyes are open to see you talking; their ears are open to hearing from you. Can you guarantee when they listen to you, they keep their hearts open to feel what you feel?

Right now, can you tell me how many of them ignore you; they don’t listen to you. How many people pretend to listen to you, how many of them listen to part of what you say, and how many of them pay attention to words you use? Lastly, how many of them listen to understand you? You read my post here about how listening helps.


When they understand you

I am sure the number of persons who understand you is significantly less. Once you know them who understand you, they become close to you. They are your best friends; they may be from your family or anywhere else. The best gifts God has given to you are those friends who understand you. Understanding others make our relationships. When it happens, then it makes the world more beautiful.

Right now, I need to close here with this beautiful quote.

“Who hears me, who understands me, becomes mine, a possession for all time.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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