Well-being secrets I shall share now will make you happy

Well-being secrets I shall share now will make you happy. You may question now what are the secrets that I am going to share soon. Yes, they are within your reach within your body. Yes, I am talking of dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, and oxytocin known as happy chemicals. They say when tuned properly, they improve your well-being. Now the point is how to tune them so. Every tuning requires some tools. Here these tools are some activities that you can do to make yourself happy. Let me explain how and why?

Effects of emotional stress

All emotions you feel sets off some biological reactions, which in turn make some situations in your body. Now the point is how you choose to react to these situations emotionally. When you make the choices, you will make or break your well-being.

Let me explain it with an example. You were driving your car on the road. All of a sudden, one child came in front of your vehicle. So you applied the brakes of your vehicle in the fastest possible way, only to save the child. As a result, you did it. But you did it at the cost of what? What did happen to your brain? The amygdala set off flight or fight response, producing stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. So all of a sudden, your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate went up. Thus you found how the stress played havoc to you, though it lasted not so long.

Now let’s see what happens when it lasts long. Let’s answer first how constant stress builds up. It builds up because of the presence of an adamant boss, bullying trade union leader, or your cunning relative who makes persistent stressful situations. As a result, stress leads to chronic hypertension, blood sugar, heart diseases, and even mental depression. In short, stress drains your body or breaks your well-being. Then how to cope up with these emotional stresses you can not avoid in your life? Now the happy chemicals come and help you to do so.

Happy chemicals: What they do

Let’s say you something about these chemicals; what they do, how they work, and what activities raise them. Then only you can think of your well-being. They function as follows.

  • Serotonin—It’s the mood stabilizer. So it improves willpower, motivation, and mood.
  • Dopamine—It’s the reward chemical. It secrets when you expect a reward. So it increases enjoyment and is necessary for changing bad habits.
  • Oxytocin—It’s the love hormone. So it promotes feelings of trust, love, and connection, and reduces anxiety.
  • Endorphins—It’s a natural painkiller. So it provides pain relief and feelings of joy.

Activities for our well-being

For the benefits of the readers, I have listed some activities that raise the levels of chemicals. If you practice these activities, I am sure your well-being will surge.

The list of activities is not at all exhaustive but indicative only.


Note: Up means level goes up.

So let’s practice the activities to improve our well-being.

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