Actions you take make your life the way you want

“Actions have consequences… first rule of life. And the second rule is this – you are the only one responsible for your own actions.”

As you are responsible for every action you take and every action has some consequences, you need to choose your actions with care. What are those actions you choose? The point is now how you choose them. You do so based on how they make your life more positive. You may call them the right actions that make your life. Let me explain it here.
What life you live now is the outcome of what actions you take.  No one can take those actions for you unless you let him or her do. Simply put, it’s you who is responsible for what you do and what you face in life. In other words, your life is in your hand. So now two options you have; either you can make or break your life. Out of these two options, I’m sure you’d opt to make your life. Am I right?

Actions you take

At this point, you’re very much eager to know what’d make your life. These actions will surely help you on your life journey.

1. Take 100% responsibility

Take 100 % responsibility in whatever you think, do, or feel. So you don’t blame, judge, or criticize others. Whenever you keep yourself busy in those negative activities, you don’t find time for the right actions to happen. You can read a similar post here.

2. Plan for what you want

Know your values first. Then know what you want in life, based on your values. Once you know everything, you make your plan – a complete plan to take care of your self-development, positive actions, and so on.

3. Make good habits

Make good habits that help you think, speak, do, or feel positive all the time. You can read a similar post here for how to stay positive. Even you can read the book “The seven habits of Highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey.

4. Live in the present

Live in the present moments, not in the past or future. Spending more time in the past and future ensures less time in the present. Less the time in the present, less the chance you have for your growth. You can learn here how to live in the present.


5. Love and accept yourself as you are

Believe that you can do everything. You don’t need the help and approval of others. So respect love, and accept yourself as you are. It’s self-love. You can learn here how self-love helps you. Once you take all these actions, your self-esteem goes up. So you move closer to your success.

So right now, take these steps to make your life the way you want.

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