Lessons what you learn from a talk between earth and sky

Lessons are what you learn. You can learn from any source. Here you will learn when earth talks to the sky. The conversation starts like this.

Earth: You look empty, lifeless, and don’t change. Don’t you know change is life? Look at me. I am full of life. Lives are everywhere; whatever angle you move your eyes. If you look to the east, you will see lives. Look to the west or whatever corner you choose; you will see lives everywhere.

You will find life in green plants and vegetation. Birds sing animals roar, dolphins dance, and so on make me lively. That’s the way I am. When it comes to your turn, you look dead, dull, and void of colors. Am I right?


Sky: Yes. You are. But do you know I look dead and dull because of you? Let me be more specific. The so-called lives on you pollute the air, so I look so. When pollutants are less, and I am free of clouds, I look blue. Sometimes I become colorful and beautiful when rains and sunshine together make rainbows.

You now boast of lives. Right? Have you ever thought about what’d happen when I move away from you? What would happen to the living beings you praise? Clouds won’t form, rains won’t drop. What’d happen then?  In no time, green plants and trees would die for water. Then the animal kingdom and humankind would die for food. How would you look then? To be sure, you would look dull and dry. So what to do?

Right now, don’t judge others. Do your part. Let me do my part.  Please take care of the pandemic situation that poses a threat to human lives.


Key lessons: Don’t judge others. Instead, do your part. Let others do their part.



Let's learn together

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