Response how you make shapes your life

Response how you make shapes your life. Let me tell you why.

Life gives you many moments you may or may not like. But that’s not the point. The point is, how well you respond to those moments. If you can do so, then you are inching closer to what you want in your life. Right now, do you face such situations? Don’t you know how to respond to them? Then please read till you finish the post.

They say 90% of how you respond builds the shape of your life.

So, think before you respond or react. How you respond or react starts with how you reflect.

The better you think, the better you decide. Once you do so, you can act fast and better.

When you act fast and better, you get better results. So what happens when you do so? The situations of your life improve.

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Common ways how you respond:

Let me explain some cases here. A lucrative job offer comes to you from a place, a thousand kilometers away from your hometown. It stimulates you. It’s a stimulus that comes to you. How do you respond now? Right now, you have two choices. Either you accept it, or you reject it.

At a certain point, you may think like this. As I take the offer, so I shall move to the distant town; I shall miss my parents there. So what you do? Simply, you reject the offer. This response you make takes away a better life from you.

“Anish makes me angry,” my wife always complains. Why does she do so? He must have done some mischievous act. It stimulates my wife. The thing is when someone does not find some space between stimulus and response, he reacts. It’s right for my wife too. So she responds reactively and makes herself angry. Put merely, Anish does not make her mad; she makes herself angry.

So you can understand what happens when we respond reactively. On the other hand, we get a better shape of life if we respond to every situation in a proactive way.

How you make a response

As you don’t take responsibility, So you don’t find any space between stimulus and response. You respond reactively. So things don’t change for the betterment of your life.

Contrary, when you take full responsibility and find a space between stimulus and response, then you are proactive. Once you adopt such a proactive approach, you can know the problems better. When you know them better, you can make the right response and act accordingly. As you do so, you move closer to a happy, healthy, or prosperous life. You can have a better idea of reactive and proactive response in

“In living life at 90 percent, the formula is life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it.”

-Diamond Dallas Page.

We may close how you respond to shapes your life. So take care how you respond.


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