Roles we play give mastery over life.

Roles in life. What are these roles? How do they affect us? What do we learn from them? We learn many lessons from the roles we play in life. How do we learn? The post will answer these questions.
Life gives us the opportunity to play different roles at different times. Keep in mind that it’s your life. So you have different roles to play. How do you play the roles? In each role, you will do certain duties. So sometimes you do the duties of son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister, husband or wife. You act as a friend, student, teacher so on.

Nature of role play

When your parents are present, you perform the duties of a son or daughter. In addition to your parents, when your wife or husband is present also, then you have to balance between the role of son or daughter and the role of husband or wife. How to balance? You balance by setting priorities of your duties and performing them. You do them in such a way no one gets offended.

In the case of multiple roles, you have to follow the above guidelines. Moreover, It”s your role. You have to play it in the best possible way.

Sometimes you need to change from one role to others silently. It’s an art. If you want to master the Life, you must master this art.

Balance in roles

Whoever finding difficulty in such smooth switch over makes his or her life difficult. So switch over your role smoothly when it demands. When your wife or husband accompanies you, then play the role of husband or wife. In the presence of your son or daughter, you act as mother or father. If you have to perform the duties of multiple roles at a particular time, then you have to strike a balance. How to balance? Balance in such a way that no one gets offended. If anyone gets offended by your act, you lose your credentials. So what? You lose mastery over life. So you make your journey difficult in life.

When you are alone

When you are alone, then focus on the self-development, do whatever you like, do creative activities, meditate, do exercises so on. You can also read your favourite books and listen to your favourite music. Even you can plan your day or holiday.

Stress on the present role

Don’t forget what role you are playing presently. For example, your son went to the USA for pursuing his masters. You are now spending time with your husband or wife home in India. You are physically present in front of your husband or wife, but your mind is roaming in the USA with your son. Are you doing justice in your roleplay now? Certainly not. So involve yourself fully in the role you are playing.

Action steps for playing roles

  1. Find out the roles to play.
  2. Do your part in role-playing
  3. Involve yourself fully
  4. Switch over smoothly from one role to others when the situation demands
  5. Don’t offend others during your roleplay.

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