Living peaceful life : Brief guideline

Living peaceful life everybody dreams. You and I dream. Living a peaceful life is a journey. The journey starts here,
As can be seen, the world is full of chaos. Chaos is a state of total confusion with no order. To put it another way, he who searches peace in a sea of chaos is an odd man out. But there is hope for these odd men out. They can choose to have a peaceful life. So you can choose too.

Conflicts and peacefulness

As per the natural laws, what you give returns to you. If you quarrel with everyone you meet, you get angry, become blind with anger, see the faults in others and certainly receive conflict or clashes. As a result, you go to a disturbed state of mind. Conflicts and clashes not only cause pain to your mind but also disturb you. Once disturbed, you can’t find peace. So living a peaceful life becomes difficult for you.
You are responsible for your life. What does it mean? It means anything good or bad happens in your life is caused by your own thoughts, actions and behaviours. So you are responsible for feeling peaceful in your heart. When you are peaceful in heart, then your mind is free from all sorts of disturbance. Conflicts make these disturbances.

The formula for a peaceful life in this chaotic world is to avoid clashes or conflict in our life at any cost.
My seniors were ragging nine students including me in the first year. They asked each of us “What is your hobby”?  Nobody told anything. Thus they hurt the seniors.
When my turn came, I told them “I can play the harmonium”. Thus I avoided conflict with the seniors and escaped ragging.
Conflict arises when the persons interact with anger or pride or attachment or greed. Anger, pride, attachment and greed destroy the royal state of our inner world.

Living a peaceful life

  1. Fix a day, preferably Saturday for promoting peacefulness in your home or in your office.
  2. Practice mindfulness in every activity on Saturday.
  3. Practice avoiding any sort of conflicts with your parents, wife, children or your colleagues or subordinates.No blaming, no hurting.
  4. If you hurt anybody, promptly apologize sincerely.
  5. Affirm daily in the morning,” I am today loving and helping everybody”
  6. Repeat the above affirmation ten times.
  7. Enjoy a peaceful life.


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