Love and anger of aged person

Once an aged person read a book on five states of mind and learnt that a child is always full of energy. Why? The psychologists say a child knows only the language of love and anger. Snatch a ball from his hand and just see what happens. The child will surely attempt to snatch it back. If he succeeds to snatch it at once, then it is fine. If he does not, he will either hit you, bite you or cry. He does as he can’t suppress his anger.

Similarly, he can’t hide his love. Love and anger have tremendous energy. Since the children don’t suppress their love and anger, they have the most powerful mind. This mind is called the superconscious mind. So they are full of energy.

The aged person dreamed of being full of energy. He deliberately tried to awaken the child within him. How? He expressed his love, affection, liking and compassion in suitable situations. He also expressed his anger, temper and rage in suitable situations. Earlier he used to hide these emotions normally. Why? Because, his colleagues, bosses, parents, teachers, friends and others in society indirectly taught him to hide these emotions in those situations. So far he felt comfortable in hiding his emotions.

The situation had changed now. The aged person read the book and changed his behaviours. But the sudden changes in his behaviours surprised his friends, spouse, children, relatives and others. He became the laughing-stock to them.

In your opinion, how should the aged person behave? Should he express his love and anger? Should he hide these emotions?


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