Food tastes better when you eat with your family

Food tastes better when you eat with your family. But why? Before you get the answer, you must know the answers to these questions. How do we taste food? How do we differ in taste? Why? What are the other aspects that influence taste?

How do you taste food?

The ability to taste food is a life-and-death matter. If you fail to taste the food, then you slowly move towards death. You taste food with the help of taste buds on your tongue, on the roof of your mouth and inside your cheeks. When these taste buds come in contact with food, they send the taste messages to your brain through nerves. Then only you can feel about the quality, temperature, smell and flavour of the food. Your brains can distinguish the chemical qualities of food after receiving the information provided by the taste buds. Read more at

Why do you differ in taste?

Yes. People differ in test sensitivity, smell sensitivity and in the enjoyment of food due to varying numbers of taste buds. Mildly sensitive tasters have fewer fungiform papillae; so they eat to live, moderately sensitive tasters live to eat, where highly sensitive tasters having plentiful fungiform papillae love what they like.

How do other aspects make a difference in taste?

When you take food in a positive mood, then your brain releases serotonin, so your food tastes sweeter. On the contrary, your off mood or negative emotions when you take food increase sensitivity to sour taste. If you practice mindful eating, your food will taste better. It helps in digestion. Sometimes foods with your favourite colours taste better. Foods, when served in a beautiful plate in a place with very good ambience, tastes better.

When you eat food with your family

When your wife cooks food for you, she uses the best hygienic resources and conditions. Her only look out is how to serve quality tasty foods to you. She selects the best vegetables, fresh fish and meat for cooking. As she cares for your physical and mental wellbeing, she cooks with love. Anything offered with love always tastes better.

Moreover eating together gives a sense of togetherness among the family members. You not only feel the happiness of togetherness but also feel food tastier. Eating together makes the relationship strong. How long you will live depends on how many strong relationships you keep up. It also helps in the release of day-to-day stress. You all feel happy. So food tastes better and better when you eat with your family at your house.

What happens when you take food with your family in a renowned hotel?  A renowned hotel has a very good ambience, food quality and services. It always cares for its customers and hence prepares food in such a way that every customer likes its food. They satisfy every customer. So all of you enjoy the food, amenities and services of the hotel. All of you also enjoy eating together in such a wonderful environment.

So we may close, foods taste better when we eat with our family.






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