Habit of reading good books helps.

Reading good books helps us. So we must make a habit of reading good books.
In a good book the best is between the lines.
–Swedish Proverb.
A good book has no ending.
–R.D. Cumming.
Reading a book expands our mind. Reading good books expands our knowledge. When we apply this knowledge, we benefit a lot. When we make a habit of reading good books, no power can stop us succeed. Why not to make this habit?

The post tells how the habit of reading a good book helped me to regain my health.
Firstly, I had suffered from ulcerative colitis since 1996 till 2000. During that period, I visited many doctors’ chambers and took different medicines.

Furthermore, I changed my lifestyle and food habits as per the advice of doctors. I used allopathic, homoeopathy, and Ayurveda medicines one by one for treatment. These medicines just controlled the disease. It could not cure me fully. It frustrated me.

Moreover, One of the colleagues suggested for reading a good book on acupressure and implementing some tips. I purchased the book” Health in your hand” by Dr Debendra Vora. I read it many times, made a habit of reading it and followed three to four advices given in the book. It worked like a miracle. My health improved.

How I made the habit of reading good books

The ulcerative colitis changed my lifestyle and food habits. It helped me to grow a good habit of reading a good book daily and following some useful advice given in the book.

How to reap the benefits of reading good books.

Read a good book daily.
Follow the advice given in the book.
Live a fabulous life.

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