What I expect

I don’t want to change
As I am perfect
So I don’t want to change,
But I expect others to change.
I don’t understand you,
But I expect you to understand me.
I know I hide the facts,
Yet I expect you not to do so.

I know I love you with some conditions
But, I expect you love me with no conditions.
I have blurred vision- I know
Still, I expect your clear vision.
I don’t want to balance and adjust,
still, I want you to do so fast.
I don’t take care of your well-being,
But I expect you to do so in a moment.

I am sure what I expect is not too much,
But what you expect is too much.
So I don’t want to change,
Even so, I expect you to change:
Change attitude and behaviour.

Let's learn together

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