Night what you mean to me.

I work from dawn to dusk

So after my work

I come back to

My home at dusk

When the dusk falls fast

The Hill of Biharinath

Or the top of the hill of Panchet,

Goes out of my vision

As clouds and darkness

Spread out their wings

Birds are back in their nests

We are back in homes

Cars off the roads

The night you grow and grow.

So the roads I walk on

The stairs I step on,

The surroundings I see

Bring on mysteries.

In your gracious presence,

The known appears unknown

The shadows become devils

When I come back

After a brisk walk,

My mind cools down

So I sit to write,

After taking tea and snacks.

And go with the flow of ideas.

After I have dinner

My body seeks for rest,

So my eyelids come down

I can hear my breath

Your presence lulls me to sleep.

When I sleep,

Every one sleeps

But you have some plans

So you don’t sleep,

Touch white flowers to bloom

Spray dew on leaves of plants

Serenity what you make

Helps to restore health

It’s best for taking rest,

So everyone, every animal

Regain one’s strength

So the next day starts fresh.



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