Take care of what you take for granted

Take care of what you take for granted. The most dangerous thing is when you take something for granted. How is it dangerous? I am very much sure you will understand when you read the post.

I am comfortable when I use my Desktop for my jobs. This fact did not let me use my iPad for the last 15 days. So right now, I take it on my lap and write this post. You will come to know why I am currently using it if you read further.

What happened when I took my car granted

The other day I could not start my car. Why so? The key could not begin ignition. Why it happened, it happened so because I did not take care of the car for a long time. As I have retired in May 2020, so I need no more to drive my car to the office. Then coronavirus and subsequent lockdown put a brake on my driving too. I took my vehicle granted, so I did not keep it up. As a result, it did not start. So I had to spend some money on its repair.

Why you and we don’t take care

Time and again, we shout at the authorities, “We don’t find medical facilities that we need in this crisis.” But, we don’t use masks and social distancing. Because we take for granted that nothing will happen to us. We forget to do what we need to do. Instead, we blame others for what they need to do. That’s the way we are. At least that’s how I see it.

Now If you make a list of what you have or what you can do, you will be surprised to see its extended length. Most of the time you forget that you are blessed with a house to live, food to eat, a bed to sleep, a car to drive, brain to use, mind to think, body to work, relationships to keep up, eyes to see, heart to feel so, and so forth. So you take them for granted, and you don’t take care.

take care

What happens when you and we don’t take care

The result is your house does not become home, foods don’t become nourishing, the bed does not offer deep sleep; relationships don’t become close, and so on.

Similarly, if you don’t use your body, mind, and soul for a long time, they will not work for you. As a result, it will be difficult for you to live your life.

When you don’t read books for a long time, then you fail to focus on them. As a result, you will no more learn new things. So you will depreciate. Why so? Only human assets appreciate when they learn.


I want to emphasize the fact that If you don’t take care of what you take for granted, then you have to pay the price. So I start using the iPad, fearing that it may stop working. Fortunately, it works. You can give a try to take your wife granted. Please see what happens.

If you don’t take care of them, you will pay the price like what I have paid for my car. You don’t move ahead in life. So take care of what you take for granted.





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