Fight with none; fight with coronavirus


Fight with none; fight with coronavirus. Let me explain why I am saying so.


The heads of states are combating with their resources against the coronavirus in their ways.  No doubt, they are putting their best efforts. But you will find some people who at once undermine the initiatives a particular state takes.

What do they do? They open their mouth to criticize, blame with their gestures looking so bad. They forget that united we stand, divided we fall. In doing so, they discharge poisons from their mouth in the form of criticism, blame game, hate, fake news, hatred, or any behavior showing ugliness not palpable to the real people of society. As a result, they join hands not to combat with coronavirus but to make their countrymen weak. And a weak fight can not defeat coronavirus.


So don’t open your mouth to give poisons, as mentioned above. Instead, you help the fighters in your way. Don’t fight with your countrymen. Stay home, stay healthy, and maintain social distancing. Help the needy. Fight the war united.

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