How the coronavirus has panicked our society

How the coronavirus has panicked our society

How the coronavirus has panicked our society, you can have an idea from this incident. The incident revolves around the cremation of a cancer patient.

A few days back, the relatives of one cancer patient of West Midnapore, West Bengal, India, took him to the Chittaranjan  Cancer Hospital, Kolkata, for treatment. The doctors tried their best to cure the patient but failed. It was an advanced stage of the disease. So the hospital handed over the death certificate and the dead body to the family members. So they brought it to their village for cremation. But the villagers didn’t allow them to do it in their village.

Do you know why? They did not believe that cancer had killed the man. Then what did they think? They thought that the death certificate was fake, and the infection of coronavirus killed him. How could they behave so rude? They did so out of panic. Can you imagine the magnitude of fear coronavirus spread in the minds of the villagers? So panicked, they violated the norms of cremation in a village.
The local police intervened and finally took the dead body to Haldia river bank for cremation. Haldia is around 22 km away from the village.

The news all over the world is more horrifying than this incident. The mother can not see her dead child. Sometimes no one comes forward to bury or cremate the body infected with COVI-19.

So can you imagine How the coronavirus has panicked our society

and relationships? Can you suggest some measures?

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