Homemakers- How do they make this world beautiful?

Homemakers. How do they make this world beautiful? Let me tell you how.

“Religion is preserved by wealth; knowledge by diligent practice; a king by conciliatory words, and a home by a dutiful housewife.”

Yes, an ideal housewife not only takes care of a home but also makes it a beautiful place. How does she do so? She respects and loves all family members. Even she knows what each member likes. So she caters to every need of every member. Let me tell you how she takes care of his children. She feeds them, loves them, plays with them, teaches them everything they require to succeed in life. In other words, she gives them everything they need to become responsible citizens.
Don’t you think that the homemakers do a great job? Don’t you think that they help to make a harmonious society, country and a beautiful world? You surely do. I do too.

Interview on the role of homemakers

Recently, I viewed an interview of Sadguru on youTube. It started with a discussion about whether the present trend of homemakers going for a job is good or bad. Sadguru stated that every homemaker should feel pride in raising their children properly. They should not think that they are mere housewives. They should be proud of themselves.

Why should they feel pride?

Let me explain it here.
If the scenic beauties make the beautiful outer body of this world, then human beings with brilliant minds make its beautiful soul. When you have the beautiful soul, you become more beautiful. The homemakers make it happen. Do you know how? All of them give birth to their children, takes care of them, grow them and teach them to differentiate right from the bad. In other words, they instill good thoughts, positive attitudes, beliefs, positive vibes, and the right perception into their minds. To put it differently, they create the beautiful soul of this world. They make this world more beautiful.
So I dedicate this post to all beautiful homemakers of this beautiful world.

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