Can you listen to my inner voice?

My inner voice speaks here. Can you listen to it?

“Path, I love you so much. I like enjoying a journey with you. I don’t know where you come from as well as where you would take me. Still, I love the magical journey on you. Do you know why? It starts with moving from one zone to the other. So I become a different person.

One such zone is helping others. When I walk through this area, my heart center opens. So I feel good. Then I walk through the other zones of love, forgiveness, gratefulness, praise, and so on come one by one. In other words, I enjoy it when I follow the path of helping others, love, forgiveness, gratefulness, praise, and so on.

Inner voice
Geralt / Pixabay

I can not make out how much I have helped others, how much I have loved or praised others. Even I don’t know how gratefulness and forgiveness have helped me in my onward journey. But I enjoy the walk from my heart.”

So my inner voice concludes, “Let’s march together only to enjoy the journey.”

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