Unconditional love facilitates miraculous save

Unconditional love is love without conditions. It does not expect anything from its source. But how can it happen? How does it help you? Do you believe that it can bring miracles to your life? Can you imagine its power of causing a miracle? If you want the answers to these questions, then read this post.

Even though we can find many examples of saving human life by a human being, in contrast, the example of how unconditional love from an animal saving a human life is rare. In this case, cows saved human life.
We all know that the blue whale has the most massive heart of any living creäture. But here I shall not point to the heart of the blue whale instead to the hearts of cows. The present post shows how the cows with their big hearts saved the life of my 100 years old relative. It is a miraculous save.

How does unconditional love help

The old relative in his forties was robust and stout. As he found pleasures in feeding them, speaking to them and loving them with caring hands, so he used to look after the cows. He showed unconditional love.

He became old. To feed the cows, even at the age of 100, he used to go to the cows outside.

One day even with his bent spine, he was feeding the cows. All of a sudden, a hail storm started, causing him to fall on the ground. To save him, they promptly stood over the relative till the hailstorm stopped. What do you think about why they saved him? He loved them so much. His unconditional love melted the hearts of the cows. In front of them, the giver of love fell, stirring their emotions. They did not care for themselves. So they returned their love at once by saving him. What happened? A miracle happened because of unconditional love.

Unconditional love can cause miracles in life. If it does not bring wonder to you, it will undoubtedly return to you as complete love. The absolute love on its turn will make you a happy man.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

-George Sand.


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