Negativity-Why do they make it as their way of life?

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Negativity? The way of life? How can it be so? Yes, you can find many people around you who believe that nothing good exists in the world.

Some of them see germs everywhere. So they wash their hands, utensils, shirts and clothes again and again. Why? They fear that bacteria will make their life hell.

Few of them don’t want to disclose their personal information to others. Why? They fear others will use the information to humiliate them.

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You also find your colleagues who feel that the juniors disrespect them. But it is not the case. It is their feeling. So they don’t behave appropriately. Even they exert more to demand respect. As a result, the situation goes out of control.

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Similarly, you must have seen people who think that their spouses or children don’t love them at all. But it’s not true. Such thoughts come from fear. Fear of getting not enough love. So they slowly develop erratic behaviour towards their spouses and children.

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In all of the above cases, neither the germs, juniors, spouses nor children make their lives horrible. It is their negativity, making them misbehave.

Let’s answer why they make negativity as their way of life. It happens due to deep-rooted fears. What are those main fears? They come from one or more of the following fears.

  • Not being respected by others
  • Not being loved by others
  • Bad things that will happen to them inevitably.

Don’t forget to give your comments on how to help them to alleviate negativity from them.


  1. rpradhanblog

    I can understand your point of view. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. May be I could not express it clearly. But I know a person who washes his hands with soap for more than fifteen minutes in one go. And he does so several times in a day. As a result his hands and palms have been corroded due to prolonged use of soap. I just wrote his case. Thank you once again for stopping by.

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