How to deal with people who repeat mistakes?

Repeat mistakes- who does so?

Everybody does. Why? To err is human.

Who does make mistakes repeatedly in your home life or in your work life? Does he make your life miserable? Do you like to have this type of life? Certainly, not.

Then, how to deal with people repeat mistakes?

Some people can’t identify their mistakes, so they can’t understand what causes their mistakes and why they keep on repeating their mistakes. They harp on their mistakes, do not accept the mistakes easily, blame others and invite more mistakes in their lives. Hence they do not take any action to avoid such mistakes.  Eventually, they fail in life.

Some people can find their mistakes, know the causes, and take suitable actions. So they can avoid mistakes and can learn from the mistakes. They do not repeat similar mistakes in the future; in the long run, they succeed in life.

Now the question arises how to deal with these people who make mistakes repeatedly. For this purpose, you must obey some rules These rules given below make the basis of dealing with them

  • Accept that everybody makes mistakes.
  • Mistakes teach us.
  • You must not undermine those who make mistakes.

Accept that everybody makes mistakes

As you accept that everybody makes mistakes, you will treat none rudely. This fact will prepare you for dealing with the persons making mistakes.

If you make mistakes, accept them promptly.

Why are you accepting mistakes? Because you are responsible.

So you learn, develop yourself and keep on doing the right things in the future. These activities come under your circle of influence. You can have a better idea of the circle of influence in

Mistakes teach us

Make mistakes to learn. They give you the opportunity to learn and change your ways in the future. They help you to check your credential, to learn a new set of knowledge and skill and thus they make you more confident in the future course of action.

You must not undermine those who repeat mistakes

You already know that everybody makes mistakes. So if you undermine others who make mistakes, you will do injustice to them. They will not seek your advice on how to avoid mistakes and will keep on making mistakes.

On the contrary, if you catch them doing something right and praise publicly, their confidence level will go up resulting in fewer mistakes in the future. When you encourage a particular behavior, the person repeats that particular behavior.  We call it the reinforcement of behaviors.

Similarly, if you can help them to understand their mistakes and root causes, they will understand and rectify their faults on their own. They will certainly make fewer mistakes in the future.

In the same way, you can help them grow good habits to replace the bad habits of making mistakes.

As you are smart enough, you don’t undermine others. Rather you help them.

How to deal with people who repeat mistakes.

  1. Do not undermine them.

  2. Praise them in public.

  3. Help them to understand their faults.

  4. Help them to grow good habits.

In other words, if you want to deal with the persons making mistakes repeatedly, you must motivate them in the ways outlined above. As a result, you will have an easy life.




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