My wishful thinking

My wishful thinking goes like this:

My wishful thinking

If I could enter your mind

I could have cleared it of anxiety and fear

So you could remain relaxed, though confined.

What if I could enter your heart?

I could have piled up some love,

honesty, ethics, and values to it

So you could feel for the contingent laborers and poor

And feed them all with so much care.

If I could enter your brain,

I could have done surgery of crookedness

So you could easily make out

what role you will play

Had I the power to enter all the organs of your body

I could have improved your health immune system

So you could fight with COVID-19 better.

My wishful thinking takes a turn here:

What if I had a magic wand?

I could have used it not to kill the virus

But to equip you so much

To fight against the virus

So can I hope

My wishful thinking goes right?

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