My love

My love,

Let me tell you now

what I could not tell you

in the past anyhow.

In a cold winter day

you warm me like sunshine,

In hot summer day

My love,

You make me feel fine

cooling me with no delay.

When I feel sad,

Then you talk to me

The words I hear

heal me like a song

and make me so glad.

When you go away,

you take my mind away

So I can not focus

on what pages

I read,

I fail to understand

Why the pages recede

and why your face rises.

So I can not proceed.

My love,

When you are away,

The day becomes longer

and the night darker

So I wait and wait

for the sounds

your footsteps produce

I wait for the moment

when I will smell the scent

what air brings

On your presence.

My love

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