Feelings for trees

Feelings for trees

I write here.

When I walk,

You stand by me,

and relax me.

Your shadows

give me comfort

on hot summer days.

So I relax.

Helps you render

Enrich my days.

Let me tell here

Your oxygen

fills my lungs

energises every cell

You don’t stop here

For, you take care;

You inhale

my exhaled air

To clean toxic air

From my vicinity.

So I can relax.

Even you die for me

you die due to me

help me to write on paper

help me sit on a chair.

But I forget

what you give

So I harm you.

Your gracious presence

makes us feel safe

from all pollutants.

So I relax.

What you do,

Do it with serenity

Thank you so much, Trees,

Thanks for your favours.

Now I look forward

for our Souls

to join together,

Giving birth to an entity

No one can cut

No one can wipe out.

Such feelings for trees

Can we expect from you

in the future?

Feelings for trees






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