Best Gift for a parent- Thought of a parent

Best gift

I thought.

Every morning

I get up with new hope

I hope and believe

You will come one day.

How will you come?

With no so many gifts or gadgets for me

But with more valuable time

You will spend it with me.

Best gift for me.

So every day I sit on a chair

Wait there on the pathway

Leading to the gateway.

Do you know how I spend the day?

The whole day I spend

Looking at the gate

I wait and wait

Do you know why?

You will come one day.

But when will you come?

I still remember

Your ever-smiling face

when you played with me

bloomed like a flower

When you spent time with me.

best gift

Still, I can feel

when your soft hand

Touched my forehead

If I had a headache.

Time with you, I miss.

I remember the time

When you danced with joy

After solving a picture puzzle.

I miss those times.

I don’t want so riches

You earn now

Don’t you know

I don’t need so costly gifts

You buy for me?

Give your time.

Best gift for me.

Come and spend time with me.

Nothing is as valuable as your time.

So give your time.

Let me tell you why?

Your time can do wonders

When I fall sick.

Do you know

Then I don’t need any medicines?

So spare some time for me,

Give it to me.

Give your time

Spend time with me.

Best gift for me.








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