What I thought today

To be sure, you feel free to think or do anything when you are alone. But you don’t feel free to express your particular thoughts and actions in words or behaviors in front of others. So you feel shy or anxious. You don’t feel proud of your thoughts and activities too. Here what you think, do, and feel are not your friends. So they don’t help you. Am I clear? It happens when your thoughts and actions in the absence of others differ in the presence of others. Let me tell you what happens next. In the long run, it hampers your wellbeing.

Then why don’t you make friends with your thoughts and actions? Let me tell you how? Think those thoughts, feel those emotions, and do those actions that you feel free to express in public. It is not so easy. But you can do it. If you can make a habit of thinking, feeling, or doing good, then you express your thoughts, feelings, and actions freely in public.

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