Let me live like a child

Can’t you feel

My old heart?

Do you feel

How it beats,

and works?

Don’t you see

it beats offbeat,

And it jerks.

Old heart

Can you help me

To open up my chest,

replace my old heart

With that of a child?

Let me live like a child.

Heart of a child
emmagrau / Pixabay

Thank you for the favor.

I will have the best,

When my cells

Take a bath in pure oxygen

From the early morning air,

And become as fresh as dew.

Come and help me,

To walk daring steps,

Regain my confidence

And my vigor.

Let me sip the nectar

From fresh blooming flowers

Or let me fill my ears

With the chirps of birds.

   Let me have the heart of a child,

Let me live like a child.

Let me live like a child



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