I dream

I dream

Where clouds move,

They bring a variety

In the blue sky.

Birds fly,

They add a color

To the sky.

I dream
Konevi / Pixabay

Dreams I dream

Bring hope to me.

Playgrounds and playmates

Of the past

Come still

To my dreams,

Hold me

Take me

To the world of a child,

Where joy lives.

AYMYogaSchool / Pixabay

When the Sun

Comes to the mid sky,

My youthful mind

Sees the dreams;

Dreams of friends

Appear with lovely lyrics.

College days

What I memorize

Add color to my dreams.

Now at sixty

When limbs are weak

Eye-sight not at peak

I love to see the dreams.

My dreamlands

Have deep seas,

Tallest mountains

Beautiful cities

And my village

Full of greeneries.


I dream

of lots of books

I read.

When I read and write,

I lead

A life of meaning.

Dreams teach

to expect more;

So I dream.

But I don’t know

What lies in the future.

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