Relationship improves lifespan.

Relationship improves your lifespan. The study shows your lifespan depends on how well you keep up your relationships in your work-life, family life and social life.

“When we understand the connection between how we live and how long we live, it’s easier to make different choices. Instead of viewing the time we spend with friends and family as luxuries, we can see that these relationships are among the most powerful determinants of our well-being and survival.”

-Dean Ornish.

Nature of relationship

If you keep up very good interpersonal relationships in your work-life, then you will receive full support from your colleagues, employees of your department as well as other departments. No IR problems occur. Your employees produce more. It makes your work-life easy and happy.

In your family life, a very good relationship with your parents, wife and children makes you happy. Similarly, the very good relationships in society make you lovable. Everybody listens to what you say. You feel happy in your social life.

A good wife can cure a depressed husband with the power of relationship and vice versa. Similarly, a patient maintaining a very good rapport with a caring nurse recovers fast.

What relationship does?

When you keep up relationship well, you minimise the conflicts. Any conflict brings stress to you and your surroundings. Thus very good relationships in your work-life, family life and social life cut the stress level of life. Less the stress level, less you suffer from diseases. As a result, you enjoy your life more. If you enjoy more and laugh more, you become the source of positive energy. Positive energy brings positive effects to life. So it can’t cut your life short. Rather it lengthens your life.

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”

-Anthony J. D’Angelo.

In order to become healthy and happy, always keep up very good relationships. In the end, your lifespan improves and you live longer.



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