Sharing positive experiences makes us feel good

Sharing positive experiences

Sharing positive experiences with each other refresh us. As a result, It recharges our life battery.

All of a sudden my General Manager rang me up at 8 PM on  August 14, 2018, and advised me to attend an outbound Training program at Peerless resorts,  Mukutmanipur. As the training program would keep me away from my stressful workplace for three days, I felt good. 
I started for Mukutmanipur at 3 PM on August 15, 2018, along with other participants. All the participants crossed 50. After our arrival, we came to know that two participants would have to share a bed. 

Sharing a bed with two participants certainly lowered our expectation from the training program. But the lush green gardens of the resorts welcoming all of us on the bank of the beautiful dam reservoir raised our expectation worked like a miracle balm on the wound of bed sharing.

The training program started with describing ourselves in one word. The skill of the expert faculty helped us to share our experiences, resulting in wonderful training sessions. The trainer shared his experiences in the military leadership, conducted many leadership games in a tactful manner.

We interacted with each other and with the trainer in classes, in tea breaks and during lunch and dinner. In short, We kept our learning mode on and enjoyed every moment of the training program. We all felt good.

After the first-day training session, the training coordinator arranged for a  speedboat journey with 26 participants in the reservoir. It awakened the child within us. It not only refreshed us but also made us lively. In the end, we enjoyed the training program.

Sharing positive experiences:

  • The take-home from a training program depends not only on the skill of the trainer but also on the learning ability of the participants.
  • Whatever activities we do on the lap of the Mother nature refresh us.
  • Sharing positive experiences in the midst of the beautiful nature always recharges us.



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