Everything of my life starts with me.

Everything of my life starts with what? This thought made me completely engaged until I saw a  poster in my workplace displaying “safety starts with me”. All of a sudden the answer to the above question appeared, “Everything in my life starts with me”.

How I react to a situation starts with me and depends on me, not on others. No Body is responsible for making me respond in a particular way. I cannot blame anybody for saying ” he made me mad”. Being proactive starts with me. Being reactive starts with me. The choice is mine.

In work life, the head of the department creates some boundary conditions by fixing my job responsibility. By all means, he expects my effectiveness on all fronts.

Unless I take 100 % responsibility and suitable initiatives on my own, to do my jobs more effectively, the head of the department can not make me responsible and effective. My effectiveness is the result of my initiatives and hence doesn’t depend on others. The details of taking responsibility and our response can be viewed in Taking 100 % responsibility and making right responses

Everything of my life- Analysis

If I start investing time in developing myself, self-development will start. Self- development is the key to entering the outer world with confidence leading to success. So nobody can make me fail. Nobody can make me succeed. The activities leading to my failure start with me. The activities leading to my success also start with me.

The issues and problems certainly come to me. But depending on my perception, their size and complexity changes. If I perceive the problems as offering opportunities, the sizes shrink and the solutions appear before me. The opposite perception magnifies the problems and makes me pessimistic. So the solution of problems starts with me.

The solid foundation of relationship starts only when I start laying the bricks of my love and compassion. Be it in my life or in my work-life. Loving my wife or my employees can make her or them motivated to the level I decide. So the relationship starts with me also.

Similarly, nobody can make me poor if I choose to be poor. Nobody can make me healthy if I do not choose to be healthy.
If I go on making the list of real-life examples, I shall be tired soon. So I can say safely everything of my life starts with me.

Everything of my life starts with me

So every important aspect of my life starts with me. Everything depends on me.  Let me choose to be happy, healthy wealthy and loving. Nobody can make us succeed. The success depends on the deliberate action on my part. Nobody can stop us to succeed in life.


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