Circle of Concern: Dealing activities

Does circle of concern bother you? Do not worry. It bothers everybody. Then how to deal with it? The present post shows how to deal with it.

Initially, we must be clear with the concepts of the circle of influence and circle of concern. Consequently, we can apply these concepts to deal with these circles.

In general, the activities we can influence come within our circle of influence. These include self-development, interpersonal relationship, motivating and helping others so forth.

On the other hand, the activities we can not influence come within our circle of concern. These include sudden accident of our relative, terrorism, weather so on so forth. The moods of the persons roaming in this circle get worsened in lousy weather. The Circle of concern reduces our power. As a matter of fact, it is essential to deal with those activities effectively.

Reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey in the link – undoubtedly will clarify the concepts and make us more effective,

Circle of concern: Examples of activities

Suppose, we can not influence the particular things. On the contrary, some outside agency can influence those specific things. We must approach the outside agency, take the help and deal with those activities. It is the essence to tackle activities in the circle of concern.

This example of my work-life at the engineering shops, ISP, Burnpur will undoubtedly clarify this.
The walls of machine shops with no white-washing for an extended period have become dirty and shabby. They do not show any light. It is not only creating a poor working condition but also affecting the morale of the work-force. It was a matter of concern for me.

I, the head of the engineering shops approached Civil engineering department several times for whitewashing. However, it yielded no results. Then I contacted the General Manager (Mechanical) who can directly influence the Civil engineering Department for whitewashing. It produced results. The Civil Engineering Department started whitewashing of walls.

Circle of concern: Tips to deal with activities

Focus most of your time on your circle of influence. Your influence will grow.
Know your activities in the circle of concern
Know who can influence those activities
Approach and get the help off him to deal with those activities. Your concerns will diminish.

Circle of concern


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