Avoid Shortcuts -Avoid problems in life

Avoid shortcuts. But why? They make problems. Still, why do we use them?

Not to mention, they are fast ways to reach our destination. Then why to avoid them? They make unsafe conditions as well as problems.

No, I am not advocating for shortcuts. On the contrary, I recommend avoiding shortcuts.

The content below explains why we should avoid shortcuts in life 

Shortcuts don’t pay

Shyamal used improper rigging practices in lifting a job with the help of the overhead crane. The job slipped off the rope sling and made an impact on a small metallic cut piece which, in turn, flew away only to injure Shyamal. Shortcuts caused an accident here.

“Chewing takes a long time, I shall swallow the food” is a damaging thought or action or habit. It is a shortcut method of eating foods. In the long run, we suffer from stomach problems and become fatty. Chewing of foods secrete digestive enzymes and helps to make us healthy.

Why do we use shortcuts? The simple answer is Shortcuts take less time. Without clearing the main concepts of the subjects, the aspiring students rot the subjects and expect to do well in JEE examination. So they fail to qualify the JEE examination because they used the shortcut methods.

Avoid shortcuts- Avoid problems in life

Similarly, shortcut methods utilized for an extended period in life always result in some problems. Nobody wants problems in life. Shortcuts do not help in the long run. So let us say a big no to shortcuts. So let us avoid shortcuts in life.

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