Stressful moments – How to handle in life

Stressful moments will come in life.

Everybody passes through stressful moments.

More stress, more worries.

How to handle stress?

But how do we handle stress determines the quality of our life?

Do not you want the quality of life?

Everybody wants.

Then read this post on how to handle stressful moments in life.

Stressful moments: Definition

Stressful moments cause stress .

Dr Hans Selye described stress as “the rate of all wear and tear caused by life.”

These stresses, if not released can diminish the quality of our lives.

The quality of our lives means the quality of our physical body, our thinking, our behaviours, our characters so on so forth.

The stress affects the biochemical reactions within our body, increases our heartbeat,  blood pressure, blood sugar, tightens our muscles, quickens our breathing, disrupts our metabolism so on so forth.

Stressful moments: Examples

Recently I visited a Factory at Coimbatore where I saw stress relieving of Fabricated Gear Box covers and castings.

The stress developed during fabrication and casting processes, if not released by stress relieving impairs the quality of the products.

Similarly we, the human beings develop stresses during the different stages of our life journey. From time to time We must get these stresses released from for our body and mind with the help of some stress relieving processes.

In a particularly stressful situation, how I responded gives an insight on how to cope with stress in life.

When Mainak was fighting for life in ICU, We the parents practised chanting of OM mantra silently in the hospital.

It took our mind off the critical situation of Mainak.

It relaxed our mind and body, reduced our worries, decreased our blood pressure helping our hearts to beat with the regular rhythm

Furthermore, We maintained calmness in the above critical situation.

It enabled us to approach the situation from a fresh perspective.

We stayed positive.

Even we focussed on the smiling pictures of Mainak on facebook.

It created imprints of those smiling pictures in our subconscious mind.

It silently helped to order our subconscious mind to reproduce those pictures.

When calm we reoriented your thoughts and view things more clearly, ask for help from friends and relatives and make the right decisions faster and act so. Gradually Mainak recovered.

The experts recommend regular meditation, exercise, positive attitude towards life and so forth to cope with stress in life.

Stressful moments – How to handle in life

However, based on my life experiences, I recommend the following practices to deal with stress in life

  • The practice of  chanting of OM mantra silently or in a loud voice
  • Maintaining calmness in stressful situations.


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