Conditioning of thoughts- Action steps

Conditioning of thoughts matters most in life.

We become what we think.

As a matter of fact, If we do the jobs that have a positive impact on us repeatedly with relaxed and focused attention, we succeed regularly. Then, we condition ourselves to do these types of situations successfully and tend to do these jobs successfully in future also.

Similarly, it holds good for the jobs that have a negative impact too, and we condition ourselves to do these types of situations successfully. Furthermore, we shall tend to do these evil jobs in future also.

Conditioning of thoughts-Further exploration

The typical village mother said, ” Apu, do not go under that big tree. A giant lives there”. She warns Apu daily when the Sun shines at noon and when her husband and daughter snoozes.  Due to this repeated negative conditioning of thoughts, Apu becomes fearful. As a result, the grown-up Apu always fears to talk to any stranger, cannot mix with his friends. His growth hampers in life.

Conditioning of thoughts in a positive way can be nurtured comfortably in childhood. We must not only take the utmost care to raise our children but also behave appropriately with them. Proper conditioning in early age is the seed of success. On the contrary, Improper conditioning results in the inappropriate raising of our children. Those children are less likely to succeed in life. This role the parents and guardians must play.

Similarly, the teachers, friends, boss, colleagues play a significant role in forming our lives successful or unsuccessful. However, we should not give up hope. Hope is always there. For us who believe in ourselves.

As a matter of fact, at any stage of our life, we have the power to condition our thoughts.

With this in mind, we have to improve our awareness consciously.

In order to improve our awareness, we have to spend time with ourselves in a lonely place.

We must watch what thoughts are wandering in the sky of our mind.

If these thoughts are harmful, we have to replace these thoughts with positive thoughts consciously. We must do this conditioning of thoughts repeatedly and continuously. It will empower us to succeed in taking positive steps in every field of life.

 Conditioning of thoughts: Action steps

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Spend time with yourself
  • Sit relaxed with an upright spine.
  • Take deep breaths
  • Visualize and feel the effects of positive thoughts
  • Watch your thoughts
  • Replace the negative thoughts with the positive thoughts
  • Repeat these steps twice a day at least for  21 minutes
  • Repeat these steps for the rest of your life.


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