Reading books : Making habit

Reading books is an excellent habit, as it expands our mind. A mind once expanded never returns to its original state, hence everyone should practice it.

For the purpose of celebrating the birthdays of my sons during their childhood in a non-conventional way, we, the parents arranged a small family Get-together. In order to mark this occasion auspicious, all of us went to the Kalyaneswari temple and prayed to God for the blessings in the lives of our sons.
Not to mention, after returning to home, Soma prepared payesh (Rice Pudding on Birthday). We did not allow any gifts except books. As a result, they received only books as gifts.

Every kid loves his birthday gifts. My sons started loving books since childhood. They began getting pleasures in exploring books. In the long run, gradually they grew a habit of going through various books.

How to grow  habit of reading books:

1. Give books to children as gifts in any occasion
2. Motivate them to spend time with books.
3. Let them play with books.
4. Let them love the books
5. Make it a pleasurable experience.
6. Let them grow a habit of reading



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