Handling crisis- smart way helps

In reality, handling crisis threats us. If we can handle the crisis in a smart way, we can overcome the threats as well as crisis. The post is about handling crisis during our visit to Gangtok

In order to have a glimpse of the scenic beauty of Gangtok in October, I along with my family members visited Gangtok in the year 2015. In first three days, we visited Zero point, Yangtham valley and Gurudongmar lake. Gurudongmar Lake — one of the most beautiful, spectacular and sacred lakes surrounded on all sides by snow clad mountains. A trip to Sikkim is not complete without a visit to Gurudongmar Lake.

We all enjoyed the trip. After the last visit to Gurudongmar lake, we returned to the Hotel at Gangtok. Anish was attacked with fever. We planned to visit the Changu lake and other spots on the fourth day.

When we woke up, Anish was found running a high fever. We detected the appearance of one chicken pox boil on his right wrist. One chicken pox appeared like a brick wall on our running track.Our hearts stopped for a moment. Our faces turned pale. In the midst of all confusion, we all held our head high.  Abhi promptly booked air tickets from Bagdogra to Dumdum., cancelled the return tickets of Darjeeling  Mail with the help of his mobile phone, arranged a taxi within 8 AM. We left the hotel at 8-30 AM and started for Bagdogra Airport.

Before entering the Airport premises for check-in, I searched my mobile phone for any driver in Kolkata. Fortunately, I could contact  Gusainji at Baguiati (already mentioned in my earlier post) over the mobile phone, arranged for a car for immediate rushing to Asansol. We reached Dumdum at 6 PM. Anish contacted his doctor brother- cum- friend over WhatsApp to know the medicines of pox. We purchased the medicines on the way to our flat at Kolkata. He took medication. We reached our apartment at 7 PM. Again we started for Asansol at 9 PM. On the way, I rang up my flatmate at Asansol not to close the Gate of the flat at night. Because we would reach Asansol after the midnight. We reached Asansol at 2 AM.

handling crisis:Analysis

We considered the possible consequences of the deadly pox on our journey ahead. We also examined the options left. The first option was to continue the trip to Changu without Anish and Soma. They will stay at the hotel. The second option was to leave Gangtok immediately.After short and effective evaluation of the consequences of each option, We decided to drop the trip to Changu lake and leave Gangtok without further delay.If we delay, we might be facing problems in hotel, train, plane due to the formation of pustules on the skin. Mainak used his smartphone to book air ticket and cancel train ticket. Again Anish used WhatsApp to know the medicines of Pox. I contacted the driver, negotiated with him over the mobile phone. These are nothing but a smart way of communication. Mainak went to MG road to book a taxi, and we left the hotel within one hour. Again I requested my flatmate at Asansol not to lock the gate of our Flat at Asansol. Ultimately we reached Asansol at 2 AM on the same day.It showed how promptly we acted and persisted in the face of difficulty and crisis.

“There are three types of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” (Mary Kay Ash).

Ultimately we overcame the crisis.

Action steps for handling crisis:

  • Evaluate every option in a crisis
  • Decide and act promptly
  • Communicate smartly
  • Overcome Crisis.
  • Live a fabulous life.crisis

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