Effective communication and teamwork for a fabulous life

Do you know how to use effective communication and teamwork in a real-time situation?

Have patience, read the story and know how to use it.

We stay at Asansol, 220 KM away from Kolkata. Not to mention, Anish would write the JEE Main examination on April 6, 2014, at Kolkata

Real-time situation-No effective communication

So before a week, I kept all the necessary documents in a transparent folder, and I informed my wife. She along with Anish went to my Flat at VIP Enclave, VIP Road, Kolkata in the morning on April 5, 2014. Since Anish would report to the examination centre at 9 AM on Sunday, hence he had to start for the examination centre at 8 AM on Sunday from VIP Enclave.

I went to Kolkata at 8 PM on April 5, 2014, started checking all the documents in the folder and found no admit card of class 12 in it. My wife thought the above admit card was not required, so she kept it at almirah at Asansol. Without that admit card, Anish would not be allowed to sit for the examination. 

Real-time situation: Searching for alternatives

In the hope that we could collect the Admit card from Narendrapur, I rang up the then Maharaj of Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapur, requested him to open the Strongroom at night so that we can go and collect it temporarily for showing at the examination centre.

The Maharaj said, ” The person had already left for his home at Barasat with the key of the strongroom”.  

I did not have my car with me, so I requested all my relatives at Kolkata to arrange for a car by which we can go to Asansol for collecting the Admit card. However, all the attempts failed. 

The first ray of hope 

Surprisingly the doorbell rang. Then I rushed to the door, opened it, saw the home delivery man and instantly apprised him of the crisis we were facing.

I said, “Can you help by arranging one taxi or car for bringing back the admit card from Asansol”. The person not only assured me but also arranged an ambassador car with the owner cum driver at 10-45 PM.

So I assured Anish “Do not worry about the Admit card. I shall bring it from Asansol. Please concentrate on your study”.

Mainak- my elder son voluntarily opted to go with me on the journey. I advised my wife to keep in touch with us over the phone.

In spite of several breakdowns of the car on the way to Asansol,  I collected the admit card and started for Kolkata at around 3 AM. Again the car broke down thrice. The driver was repairing the vehicle.  In spite of so many breakdowns of the car, Calm and relaxed the driver was assuring us again and again that he would drive us to VIP Enclave by 8 AM.

At around 7-30 AM, Soma rang me to know the exact location. I told her,” Get ready and go to the examination centre directly. We would reach there.”

The second ray of hope

Suddenly we saw the Dankuni Toll plaza from a distance. I asked the driver “When can we reach VIP Enclave.”

The driver said, “We will reach within 15 minutes”.

I immediately rang up Soma,” Come to VIP Enclave Gate along with Anish and wait.”

After all, the driver drove us to the VIP enclave gate by 7-45 AM.

Finally, I handed over the Admit card to Soma. Mainak voluntarily accompanied them to the centre. Anish appeared for the examination.

Thanks to the Home delivery man. Thanks to the excellent driver. For their coöperation, Anish appeared for the examination and got admitted to NIT, Durgapur. He is presently studying electronics and communication Engineering at NIT, Durgapur.

Analysis: Why no effective communication

Initially, I assumed that I communicated effectively with Soma at Asansol, went to Kolkata, checked, found no admit card, and blamed Soma – the receiver. With non-assertive behaviour, I could not make Soma understand the urgency of the message, could not speak openly and could not time the message when Soma was able to listen. I did not bother with her reaction. Soma was busy with household chores. With no active listening, She could not understand my point. She did not ask me for any clarification. In other words, the communication was not at all effective. As a result, the adversity happened. We all failed.

Analysis: Teamwork

The above adversity united us. With a common goal of arranging the Admit card and commitment to doing it, we searched and evaluated the available alternatives by requesting first The Maharaj, then all relatives and lastly the home delivery man. We selected the best choice offered by the home delivery man.

we implemented the best alternative when each team member led the team at different times. Firstly I led the team. Then the home delivery man directed the show. Soma was helping Anish to stay relaxed and focused. After that, the driver led the team on the journey. Then Mainak led the team when he accompanied his mother and brother to the examination centre. In the face of such adversity, lastly, Anish delivered by writing the examination.

Analysis: effective communication and Teamwork

We communicated with each other very effectively, controlled the constructive conflict well, genuinely respected each member of the team and showed our cohesiveness. As a result, we united to strengthen our team effort. Finally, I along with my family members created an environment where all team members performed to their full potential.

In a nutshell, we performed as a team. The team composed of myself, Soma, Mainak, Anish, the home delivery man and the driver.

Our learning points:

effective communication and Teamwork

In the process, we could assess our strengths and weaknesses; we could understand who our real friends are. The above adversity helped us in team-building and performing as a team. We realised ‘Unity is strength…when there are teamwork and collaboration, beautiful things can be achieved”.

People who have difficulty communicating effectively and performing as a team are less likely to succeed in life.

Effective Communication and teamwork: Key  to living a fabulous life

  1. Communicate effectively to avoid adversity.
  2. Unite and commit to deal with it.
  3. Focus on the common goal of dealing with adversity.
  4. Search for alternatives.
  5. Evaluate every alternative
  6. Select the best choice
  7. Implement it.
  8. Achieve the common goal.
  9. Live a fabulous life

communication and Teamwork

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