Happiness path through giving more

Happiness in life? Do you want happiness in life?
Do you want to find out its right path?
Are you working hard to reach the front door of happiness? But unable to reach?
Will you feel happy to receive more in your life?
If the answer is yes, then follow the story of Hari. He was popular for his high unauthorized absenteeism in the first week of every month. Every employee of Pattern Shop, Kulti Works knew about it ; but I did not know,
On my inquiry, my head clerk said “He has habit of  taking loans from the moneylenders who snatch his pay packet at the Main gate. As a result, he absents to avoid meeting money lenders in the first week.”

Example of Giving more

I said to him,” Absenteeism would not solve your problem. On the contrary, it would make your pay packet lighter  and increase your burden of loan.”
“Every month I shall give you an interest-free loan. In that case, you repay the loan to the money lenders. But please return the money to me next month”.

In this process, he repaid the loan of money lenders within six months. Since then he continued to discharge his duties sincerely up to the last day of every month.

One day the union leader came to me for getting my signature on the outpass, but I did not sign it to arrest his bad habit of regular fleeing.

I said, “I cannot give you out pass daily. Please give a leave application and go out”.

Now the union leader along with his followers not only gheraoed me but also abused me with filthy languages in front of my supervisory staff and workers. So, I suspended the leader immediately pending enquiry.

In the middle of the domestic enquiry, nobody came forward except Hari who voluntarily offered to give witness in my favor.

After that, more supervisory staff and employees gave witnesses. Ultimately the domestic enquiry proved the charge. I punished the leader. Henceforth, the discipline and work culture of pattern shop improved.

Discover happiness: Give more

Hari could not help when the union leader along with his followers abused me in front of all employees. But he was very much keen to help me at the earliest opportunity. For this reason, he gave witness to the enquiry process.

Ultimately the enquiry proved the charge and punished the leader. The above help of Hari saved my face and helped me to work at Pattern Shop with dignity. His help was much more valuable than the help I offered to him.

Our universe is abundant. I am a part of the universe. I am also abundant. So I gave help to Hari without expecting him to return it. But I believed it would come back to me multiplied. It is as per this universal law “If you want to receive more, give more”.

Actually when you give anything to anybody from your heart, then you are in perfect alignment with the flow of life, ideal alignment with the universe. And the Universe is abundant enough to give you more.

Steps to discover happiness: Give more

  • Believe that you are abundant
  • Give more without expecting
  • Believe that it will return to you multiplied in any form
  • Receive the return with gratefulness.
  • Move to a happy life.



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