Constructive criticism-Shaping my life

 Constructive criticism is not easy to accept. Do not you think so? Yes, I also think so

If we accept constructive criticism and take action, then, we can make our life move forward.

In other words, If life stands for a speedboat, where constructive criticism stands for its fuel. So, constructive criticism is essential to move a life. 

This tale of my life journey validates it.

My journey starts with uncertainty and ends well with certainty.

With no earning member, our family faced the uncertain earning. The uncertain earning worsened with the loss of my father when I was in class V. Furthermore, my mind started exploring in applying for the clerical post of the Postal department after passing class XI in the year 1976. My mind was in a state of confusion.

With a confused mind, I went to Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission College in Kolkata for doing my BSc (Chemistry Honours). An acute cough and cold troubled me for an extended period, disrupted my study at my college. I had to leave the hostel and go to my village with a purpose of recovery.

Accepting constructive criticism- My case

I started preparing for IIT-JEE with the help of a Guidebook of Khanna Brothers. At around noon, the servant-cum-brother who stayed with us brought an envelope addressed to me. The postman had given it to him for delivery to me. I jumped, snatched and tore it. It was a ray of sunshine in a cloudy sky. It was my national scholarship.

The then servant-cum brother commented “It is good to see that you have achieved the national scholarship. However, I could not understand why you have left your college hostel, left your study!”
These comments not only hurt me but also added fuel to the fire of JEE preparation. As a result, I focused. tried hard, cracked the exam, got admitted to BHU-IT (now IIT-Varanasi) and did my B.Tech (Metallurgical Engineering) from BHU-IT.

These comments changed my life from uncertainty to certainty. At present, I am an engineer working at Steel Authority of India Limited.

Accepting constructive criticism- My way

The servant-cum brother criticised me; instead, he offered constructive criticism. I too took it in right perspective. His comments challenged me. It increased my zeal and focused on studying hard. I changed my attitude and behaviour. When we accept constructive criticism in the right perspective by the concerned person, life may change.

Accepting constructive criticism- Action steps

Start looking for criticism or constructive criticism from others.
Take it in the right perspective.
Focus on making things better and plan so.
Make all-out efforts to carry out your plan.
Move slowly and steadily towards a fabulous life.


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